Hand and Arm WMSD Hazards


WMSD means pain. WMSD means Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder. We cover WMSD in hands and arms in this podcast. Swinging a hammer all day can give you WMSD. So can using a computer keyboard and mouse. Repetitive motions, awkward postures and using heavy force can all cause WMSD. Find relief from these tasks to avoid prolonged injury. Listen for the different types of WMSD, and how to avoid them with good hand safety and tool safety! …

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Hand Safety Ergonomics


Hand safety means more that wearing PPE. Even jobs that don’t require gloves can be dangerous for hands. Repetitive motion can affect tendons and joints. Ergonomics can help with the design and arrangement of tools to maximize hand safety. A tool is ergonomic only if it fits your hand, and the job you are doing. Consider how the tool will be used, how it fits your hand and the grip size. And will you be …

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Tool Safety


It’s easy to forget how dangerous tools can be. They’re around every worksite, in constant use. But tool safety is everyone’s responsibility. Training is the first step in tool safety. Employees can’t be expected to know the proper operation of a tool. Train them on even basic tools, but especially power tools. Maintain tools to ensure tool safety. Lubrication prevents overheating and seizing. Proper storage keeps tools from becoming trip hazards or falling objects. Also, …

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