Workplace Holiday Fires

Workplace holiday fires can happen in an instant. Be careful with electricity, heat sources and flammables with workplace decorations inside and outside.

Electrical hazards abound, especially with those funky, ten-year-old light strings in the company storage room. In this podcast, Dan Clark tells of other tips to avoid shock and fire.

Heat sources at work are a big risk for decorations. Dan lists potential hot zones, and how to keep decor away.

And, of course, the flammable tree steps into the spotlight. Hear tips on how to keep it from getting dry, and what to do if it does.


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Dan Clark: Holiday decorations on the job site or in the workplace? Beware of light strings and dry trees. And no candles please. Let’s keep workers safe.

Hi there, I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief. This is where we talk about health and safety hazards in today’s demanding industrial and construction worksites.

Festive Christmas and Hanukkah lights, wreaths and banners are fun to hang at work, but be careful. Indoors or outdoors, they can be a hazard.


• No lights on metal furniture, such as filing cabinets, or metallic trees.

• Make sure extension cords are okay for indoor or outdoor use, and make sure they don’t create a tripping hazard.

• Choose lights that are UL certified.

• Unplug lights at the end of the shift, unless you’re running 24 hours a day.


• Keep trees and other decorations away from vents, space heaters and furnaces—a minimum of 3 feet.

Workplace_Holiday_Fires-Creative_Safety_Supply-250x250BE CAREFUL WITH FLAMMABLES

• Leave the candles at home. They really don’t have a place in the workplace, and even in homes they cause plenty of fires. The most candle fires happen during December.

• Christmas trees without water are an instant fire hazard. If a tree dries out and starts dropping needles, it’s time to toss it for safety. Artificial trees and decorations that are fire resistant are a better option.

Don’t forget: your holiday decorations shouldn’t block pathways or exits.

That’s it for this episode on Workplace Holiday Fires. Come back for more ways to stay safety compliant in today’s ever-changing landscape of safety requirements. I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, a service of Creative Safety Supply.


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