Warehouse traffic can be a safety battle. A battle of people vs. machines. Too often, the machines win.

Warehouse_Traffic_Safety_Management-Creative_Safety_Supply-250x250Struck-by accidents in 2012 alone claimed the lives of 199 people on the job. With better planning, those lives could have been saved. Listen to this podcast for ways to increase warehouse traffic safety.

Here we detail warehouse physical and visual barriers, plus rules for drivers and pedestrians.


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Dan Clark: A safe warehouse doesn’t just happen. It takes careful safety planning, because in the battle of people vs. machines, the machines usually win.

Hello, I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief. This is where we talk about health and safety hazards in today’s demanding industrial and construction worksites.

Your warehouse should have traffic markings to keep workers safe. Pedestrians and drivers need to follow certain rules to avoid accidents.

STRUCK-BY ACCIDENTS – in 2012, almost 200 workers were struck and killed by powered vehicles or mobile equipment. I looked it up, it’s straight from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What’s sad is that these types of collisions can be prevented. Let’s start with:


* Railings – may be used to divide vehicle traffic lanes from pedestrian lanes.

* Traffic cones.

* Pillars.

* Flags.


* Floor Marking Tape or Paint – to make a line. Yellow is usually used to mark traffic lanes and aisles.

* Footprint Floor Markers – it’s a series of footprints in the pedestrian aisles.

* Arrow-Shaped Floor Markers – for either vehicles or pedestrians.

* Signs And Labels – use signs at intersections to let people know about possible vehicle traffic.

RULES FOR DRIVERS – forklifts or other vehicles in warehouse.

* Follow the rules of the road.

* Stay in your lane.

* Use cautious speeds.

* Yield to pedestrians.

* Sound your horn at intersections.

* If mirrors are installed at intersections use them to help navigate blind spots.


* Avoid crossing marked vehicle pathways.

* Don’t assume a vehicle driver can see you.

That’s it for this episode on Warehouse Traffic Safety Management. Come back for more tips and techniques on how to stay safety compliant in today’s ever-changing landscape of safety requirements. I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, sponsored by Creative Safety Supply. See the website at creativesafetysupply.com


See OSHA’s guide for warehousing.

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