Transparent Truck Is Easy To Pass

Transparent_Truck_Is_Easy_To_Pass-Creative_Safety_Supply-250x250A transparent truck can allow cars to pass safely. Video screens on the back of the big rig show the view from a camera on the truck’s front bumper.

Samsung outfitted an 18 wheeler, dubbed The Safety Truck, with TVs mounted on the rear trailer doors. A live image from the front-view camera lets following drivers know when it’s safe to overtake the truck.

In this podcast, Dan Clark describes Samsung’s test in Argentina. The truck is not expected in the US anytime soon, but there is always hope.


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Dan Clark: A transparent truck? Samsung added large TV screens to the back of an 18 wheeler so cars behind can see the road in front of it. Passing trucks just got safer!

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TVs on the back of a truck? Not so everybody on the highway can watch football. The TVs make a see-through safety semi.


Argentina has the most dangerous roads in the world. Traffic fatalities from drivers trying to pass trucks are very common. So, Korean technology colossus Samsung thought of a way for drivers in Argentina to safely pass:

A Jumbotron on the back of a big rig. Or something like that.


• A wireless camera is mounted to the front of the truck.

• The video signal is sent to four large HDTV monitors mounted on the back doors of the semi trailer.

• Drivers behind the truck can see the road ahead and oncoming traffic.

• This blind-spot-solution makes it safer to pass, especially on two-lane blacktop.

• The screens work just fine at night. The camera has night vision mode.


So far, this truck-you-can-see-through has been limited to Argentina. Samsung is done with their test there and has parked the Safety Truck prototype. They had success, but are quiet about what’s next.


• Bright daylight. Those screens could be hard to see.

• Camera lens distortion. Could it cause drivers to misjudge the distance of an oncoming car?

• Weather. How long will even outdoor TVs function in the elements?

• Power. Generating juice in an 18 wheeler for 4 mondo-monitors will drain fuel efficiency.

• Cost. Margins in trucking are low, so who’s going to pay for this video system?

Wrapping up, one question. Will there be tests stateside, or will regulators and attorneys get involved and stop it? Samsung has been quiet about a potential test of their Safety Truck in the US. But we can hope.

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