Car Wash Chemical Can Kill


A car wash chemical can burn skin and even be fatal. A new hazard alert warns of handling hydrofluoric acid used to wash cars and trucks in your fleet. Washington state’s Department of Labor and Industries issued a warning in August about potential burns, nerve damage and paralysis caused by HF acid. The CDC, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, supports Washington’s findings. In this podcast, Dan Clark describes the care needed when …

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Construction Workers Wheezing From COPD


COPD means lung problems, and not just for smokers. Construction workers breathing vapors, gases, dusts and fumes are at risk. Dr. John Dement has the fix. Dr. Dement, of Duke University, teamed with The Center For Construction Research And Training (CPWR) for a study on nearly 20,000 construction workers. Results reveal an 18 percent jump in lung problems due to airborne particulates. In this podcast, Dr. Dement tells host Dan Clark about the study, and …

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Pesticide Safety Is No Joke


Pesticide safety needs an uptick! Thousands of people are poisoned every year and many don’t know the cause. Listen to increase your pesticide safety. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains ways for workers—those applying pesticides—to keep themselves safe from the chemicals. Tips include droplet size, nozzle adjustment, PPE and more. Also critical to pesticide safety is the care for bystanders. Dan describes many ways to isolate people from pesticides during and after application. Often, people …

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Wildfire Smoke Health Effects


Wildfire smoke is a creeping health hazard in the western US. Hear how to breathe safely as the smoke moves from burning forests to populated areas. The forest fire season is upon us. The winds fanning the flames also carry the resulting blanket of smoke across entire states and regions. Listen for tips on how to cope with wildfire smoke if you work outdoors, and how to keep it out of homes and businesses. TRANSCRIPT: …

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Fall Protection – Wood Frame Tie-Offs OK


Fall protection with personal fall arrest systems in residential construction is no longer a controversy. A new study says a PFAS anchored to wood is safe. Many construction companies have said that personal fall arrest systems aren’t feasible in residential work. New research proves them wrong. Safe tie-offs are possible with wood frame construction. Hear the results commissioned by CPWR, The Center for Construction Research and Training. A link to the full study is in …

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Safety Glasses With Drowsiness Detection


Safety glasses that can track eye blinks and tell you when you’re tired? Hear about three smartglasses that keep drivers and heavy equipment operators safe. This wearable technology has the capability of stopping workers from nodding off at critical times during the work day. In this podcast, Dan Clark looks at safety glasses with sensors to monitor the eyes for signs of fatigue. Opalert is available now. In a few months JINS Meme and Google …

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9 Ways To Prevent Work-Related Asthma


Work-related asthma can be stopped dead in its tracks if employers and employees work together. Hear nine ways to prevent this occupational lung disease. Work-related asthma causes difficult breathing. It can happen in any work environment, indoors out out. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how company owners and workers should be proactive in preventing this incurable disease. Hear about substances that trigger work-related asthma, and ways to avoid them. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and …

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Hearing Protection – Muffs, Plugs And NRR


Hearing protection for workers comes in two varieties, earmuffs and earplugs. Hear selection tips for both, including their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). In this podcast, Dan Clark outlines the benefits of both muffs and plugs. Dan also explains the NRR, the EPA ratings label on all hearing protection. The label indicates noise reduction in decibels (dB). However, it’s misleading! Hear how you should actually apply the Noise Reduction Rating. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects …

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Eye Protection – Summer Outdoor Workers


Eye protection should ramp up in summer, when outdoor workers are exposed to more hazards. Hear how cheap sunglasses may actually be ok. In this podcast, Dan Clark says that UVA and UVB protected eyewear does not have to cost a lot. But beware, lens color is not an indicator of protection. Also, Dan tells how to guard against dust, chemicals and other things flying through the outdoor air during summer. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music …

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Halo Light For Hard Hats


The Halo Light makes sure workers are visible at night. It’s not just for highway crews. The light is great anytime workers and vehicles mix in the dark. Hear about the safety advantages of the work light that fits over a hard hat. It shoots out light 360° so drivers can see a worker who is a quarter-mile away. In just over a year, The Halo Light has won industry respect, winning 12 safety awards. …

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