Ammonia Hazards


Ammonia hazards are more common than you think. Many companies use this dangerous substance for refrigeration, and workers need to know the risks. In this podcast, we describe anhydrous ammonia, and how it’s used in breweries, cold storage warehouses, processing milk, cheese and meat. Ammonia hazards include its high flammability, and toxicity to the skin, lungs and eyes. Always use precautions when working with ammonia for good industrial hygiene. Wear the appropriate PPE. Proper pipe …

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Pipe Marking – ANSI Best Practices


Pipe marking can stop injuries. Labels on pipes give visual safety cues to workers on the job. Color codes from ANSI will help employees know what is inside a pipe, and if it is dangerous. The color of the background and text of the pipe making label will quickly identify pipe contents, from potable water to toxic sludge. The facility should have a common color key posted so all workers are familiar it. The larger …

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Hazard Labels


Hazard labels give critical information. Labels are the glue that hold the whole safety system together. From manufacturing to office settings, proper labeling of hazards is important for employee safety, and fit well with 5S, Six Sigma and Lean systems. Hazard labels should be put on dangerous chemical containers to GHS standards, and pipes. The labels are visual indicators for important safety devices such as fire extinguishers, eyewashes, and AED stations. Another benefit from hazard …

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Industrial Labeling Made Easy


Industrial labels are cheaper to make in-house. And quicker. For a manufacturing, in a warehouse, or almost any work site, consider buying a quality industrial label printer. Think about about all the signs a workplace might need: safety signs, 5S and Lean labels, warehouse markings, pipe markings, arc flash, chemical labels. Doing industrial labeling yourself is less expensive than sending the job out, and substantially faster. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: …

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