6 Ways To Prevent Workplace Amputations


Workplace amputations are in the spotlight at OSHA. They’ve updated their National Emphasis Program on Amputations. Hear about best practices to avoid them. Some industries have over double the number of amputations compared to industry norms. In this podcast, Dan Clark shares six tips to keep workers protected from losing a finger, leg or arm. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: Your job shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. OSHA’s …

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Power Line Safety At Work Sites


Power line safety must be checked and double checked when working with lines overhead or underground. Observe the 10 foot Circle Of Safety at any work site. Dan Clark describes the hazards of equipment or vehicles making contact with power lines. Learn about the Circle Of Safety, step potential and touch potential. Dan also gives important advice on how to hop and shuffle out of an area of land which has been energized. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) …

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Confined Spaces with Hazardous Atmospheres


Confined spaces need a portable gas monitor if there is a chance of low oxygen, high carbon monoxide or other hazardous atmospheres. Hear about a bump test. A confined space with a hazard, or potential hazard, is called a permit-required confined space. One of those hazards is a hazardous atmosphere. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how the air a worker breathes needs to be monitored. Portable gas monitors are highly sensitive and can detect …

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OSHA Top 10 Violations 2015


OSHA Top 10 Violations 2015 are a snapshot of safety in the United States. Employers should use this list as a guide to find hazards in their own workplace. The OSHA Top 10 is the most frequently cited standards after inspections of worksites by federal OSHA. They release the list to help companies understand these standards and find ways to fix problems before an inspection. OSHA and the National Safety Council released the OSHA Top …

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5 Safety Data Sheet Questions For OSHA


Safety data sheet compliance is hard when suppliers don’t update. Hear OSHA experts answer five important questions on SDSs required in Hazard Communication. The SCHC OSHA Alliance hosted OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs in a webcast to explain what importers and manufacturers need to do in developing a compliant safety data sheet. In this podcast, we focus on safety data sheets discussed in that webcast. SCHC is The …

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7 HazCom Label Questions For OSHA


Hazcom label rules are confusing. Get chemical labeling answers direct from OSHA on their Hazard Communication Standard, HCS, implemented June 1st. Hear important information about pictograms, labeling bulk shipping containers, refillable containers, secondary containers and more. In this podcast, we bring you highlights about HazCom labeling from a webcast presented by the SCHC OSHA Alliance featuring OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs. SCHC is The Society for Chemical Hazard …

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Eyewashes Cause Eye Infections?


Eyewashes can injure the eyes if the water is allowed to stagnate. OSHA issued a reminder about flushing and cleaning eyewash stations. Listen for details. It seems crazy that eyewashes could HURT the eyes. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how it can happen with systems that are not maintained. Hear about flushing self-contained units and plumbed systems. Dan also warns that those sealed saline water bottle systems need care. See the transcript below for …

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Wind Energy Safety


Wind energy safety is a careful blend of fall protection, electrical hazard awareness and much more. Hear the best practices for working on wind turbines. Working 30 stories up can a challenge for a worker. Add in unpredictable weather, high voltages, fire hazards, and confined space. This dangerous combination is business-as-usual at a wind farm. In this podcast, Dan Clark describes the ways to stay safe when working on and below a wind turbine. TRANSCRIPT: …

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Confined Spaces In Construction 60 Day Delay


CONFINED SPACES IN CONSTRUCTION gets a 2 month deferral. OSHA won’t issue citations for violations of its new rule until Oct. 2nd, if there’s good faith. Employers get extra time to train employees in confined space hazards and acquire equipment needed to implement the new confined spaces in construction standard set to go in effect Aug. 3rd, 2015. OSHA, in May, announced the new standard. Employers requested a reprieve from full implementation to allow preparation …

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Hearing Protection – Muffs, Plugs And NRR


Hearing protection for workers comes in two varieties, earmuffs and earplugs. Hear selection tips for both, including their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). In this podcast, Dan Clark outlines the benefits of both muffs and plugs. Dan also explains the NRR, the EPA ratings label on all hearing protection. The label indicates noise reduction in decibels (dB). However, it’s misleading! Hear how you should actually apply the Noise Reduction Rating. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects …

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