Power Line Safety At Work Sites


Power line safety must be checked and double checked when working with lines overhead or underground. Observe the 10 foot Circle Of Safety at any work site. Dan Clark describes the hazards of equipment or vehicles making contact with power lines. Learn about the Circle Of Safety, step potential and touch potential. Dan also gives important advice on how to hop and shuffle out of an area of land which has been energized. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) …

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Avoid The Fatal Four


Avoid the Fatal Four construction dangers. They kill more workers on job sites than any other. Listen and hear how to avoid them. Over 58% of construction fatalities in 2013 resulted from Caught-in/Between accidents; Electrocutions; Struck-By Object accidents; and Falls. In this podcast, Dan Clark details the statistics from OSHA. Dan also gives tips on what both employers and workers can do to avoid the Fatal Four. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan …

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Struck-By Accidents In Construction


In this podcast, we are going to talk about a less-known fact on construction sites in the United States – “Struck-by Accidents” are the number one cause of injuries at construction sites and the number two leading cause of death. That is a tragic loss of life that simply does not need to be. Add to that fact that there are a couple more shocking numbers to consider; one, we have over 800 construction deaths …

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