Safety Signs You Need In The Workplace

Safety signs help companies be OSHA compliant based on ANSI Z535 safety sign and tag standards. Hear about four categories of workplace safety signs.

OSHA adopted sign standards from American National Standards Institute, ANSI. OSHA also incorporates sign requirements from the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA.

In this three minute podcast, Dan Clark spells out the requirements for:

Hazard Warning signs:

○ Danger – White text on red background. The most serious danger.
○ Warning – Black text on orange background. Serious injury or death may occur.
○ Caution – Black text on yellow background. Minor injury could occur.
○ Notice – White text on blue background. Informational signs, not a safety hazard.

Fire Safety signs:

○ Red and white, based on NFPA and ANSI

Safety Equipment and Instruction signs:

○ Green and white for first aid kits and related equipment.

Egress signs:

○ Green and white; red and white; or black and white for exits, exit doors, assembly areas and more.

Legible signage, labeling, tagging and marking are a mandatory part of a secure work environment. Make sure signs are durable and mounted on appropriate material for indoor or outdoor use. Retire outdated signs. Avoid grouping too many signs in one location which creates clutter confusion.

Employees benefit from clear, easy-to-read signs but so do vendors, subcontractors and guests.

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