Safety Podcast – What Is This?

Safety podcast? This is The Safety Brief, dedicated to industrial and construction safety. Episodes are always less than 5 minutes, posted twice weekly (most of the time).

OSHA standards. Fall protection. Drones at construction sites. If it deals with workplace safety, we’re talking about it.

Safety managers and company owners can stay current on safety with this series hosted by Dan Clark.


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Dan Clark: Hello! This is Dan Clark from The Safety Brief, a free podcasting platform dedicated to helping owners of construction and manufacturing companies, safety managers and anyone who works where hazards may lurk.

Accidents CAN be prevented if only we can all commit ourselves and our companies to learning about and maintaining good solid safety habits and practices.

We believe that The Safety Brief podcast channel is a child of necessity. During our hectic day of work and managing people who need to get that work done, we sometimes forget to follow safety procedures — protocol that has been set in place by safety entities such as OSHA or MSHA, based on decades of unfortunate accidents or deaths.

Sometimes just the smallest adjustment in our thinking and actions can make the difference between life and death. A good day at work versus a day marked by a tragic accident.

We invite you to take a listen — play or download the file that speaks you. Pick a safety topic you need to brush up on or hear for the first time.

Some of the safety topics we discuss are:

— Ladders.
— CPR & AED.
— Forklifts.
— Mining.
— Respirators.
— OSHA training.
— Lockout/tagout.
— Heat illness.
— Flame resistant clothing.
— Combustible Dust and more.

We keep our safety podcasts short so that you can easily listen to them and then immediately move on, putting them into practice.

We hope you come back, and we’ll have a new podcast for you on a regular basis.

And if there’s a specific topic you would like to hear more about, just drop us a line and we’ll work it into the schedule.

Danger can be found in many of today’s workplaces and facilities. But with proper training and the right attitude, so can safety.

Thanks again for dropping by. This is Dan Clark signing off and wishing you a safe and trouble free workday!


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