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The Safety Brief In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews
and insights into how contractors and safety managers
can be even more effective in protecting their workers.
In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.

Reflective Tape Boosts Safety At Work

Reflective_Tape_Boosts_Safety_At_Work-Creative_Safety_Supply-250x250Reflective tape gives safety an uptick in the workplace. It’s a long lasting, inexpensive way to visually warn workers of hazards.

This type of tape champions safety in dimly lit and dark areas indoors and outdoors. Warehouse floors and walls with eye-catching tape are easier for employees to navigate, even if the electricity goes out.

Workers will be better seen if their clothing and PPE have a few strips of sparkle.

Professional tape is strong enough to withstand heavy vehicle traffic in parking lots and roadways. It is helpful in loading docks when drivers have limited visibility backing up.

Construction, warehouse and transport vehicles stand out when the tape is adhered, potentially reducing struck-by accidents. With the bright colors available, they’ll be harder to miss during the day and night.


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Dan Clark: Hey! What’s a cheap safety investment that doesn’t need batteries? Reflective tape!

Hello, I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief. This is where we talk about health and safety hazards in today’s demanding industrial and construction worksites.

Reflective tape is a helpful addition to a visual workplace. Signs and labels can quickly telegraph instructions, but reflective tape will catch a person’s attention even in low light.

A savvy safety manager should minimize workplace hazards as much as possible, but sometimes hazards cannot be completely eliminated. Reflective tape to the rescue! It can alert people to potential problems quickly.

When and where?

  • In Dark Corners. Factories and warehouses all strive to have good lighting, but still shadowy areas exist. Use reflective tape to mark floor edges and the ends of walkways.
  • On Warehouse Floors. This way workers can find their way during a power outage.
  • On People. No, not on the forehead. On gear and clothing. Just as fluorescent vests can make workers highly visible and prevent collisions, reflective tape can do the same as an add-on to PPE. And it’s easy to replace when it gets old.


  • In Parking Lots And Roadways. Reflective tape can help vehicles avoid accidents. Modern tape is beefy enough to drive over, so you can mark lanes and centerlines.
  • At Loading Docks. These neglected areas are sometimes poorly lit. Reflective tape can make them light up like a safety Christmas tree.
  • On Vehicles. Trucks, forklifts, hi-lows and other rigs are just begging for a little reflective tape. They’ll be better seen in a warehouse, a lot, or construction worksite. Reflective tape attracts pedestrian attention to electric vehicles since they don’t create much noise.

Reflective tape often comes in bright colors so it will get noticed in daylight as well as lowlight situations. It’s an inexpensive safety investment.

That’s it for this episode on reflective tape safety at work. Come back for more tips and techniques on how to stay safety compliant in today’s ever-changing landscape of safety requirements. I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, sponsored by Creative Safety Supply. See the website at


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