The Safety Brief

The Safety Brief is a compilation of short podcasts produced by Creative Safety Supply and Dan Clark, our resident all-around safety guru. In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.

Drive Safely Work Week 2015

Drive Safely Work Week is all about workers driving to, at and from work. Get the free media tool kit from NETS. Save lives, save injuries October 5-9, 2015 In this podcast, Dan Clark describes and offers links to The Network Of Employers For Traffic Safety free kit promoting Drive Safely Work Week. Use it

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2015

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2015 are a snapshot of safety in the United States. Employers should use this list as a guide to find hazards in their own workplace. The OSHA Top 10 is the most frequently cited standards after inspections of worksites by federal OSHA. They release the list to help companies understand these

Why Your Lungs Hate Asbestos

Asbestos fibers can damage lungs years after exposure. Help spread the word about asbestos hazards on Mesothelioma Awareness Day September 26th. Even though it was mostly banned in the 70s, asbestos is still a danger in old buildings and products. Hear about dangers current and retired workers face with mesothelioma. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and

Driverless Trucks In Road Construction Zones

Driverless trucks for highway work zones will soon be tested by Florida and other states. Hear how autonomous trucks using military technology can be safe. Royal Truck And Equipment in Pennsylvania, and partner Micro Systems of Florida, have co-designed a truck that will operate without anyone at the wheel. The “Autonomous Truck Mounted Attenuator” is

5 Safety Data Sheet Questions For OSHA

Safety data sheet compliance is hard when suppliers don’t update. Hear OSHA experts answer five important questions on SDSs required in Hazard Communication. The SCHC OSHA Alliance hosted OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs in a webcast to explain what importers and manufacturers need to do in developing a

7 HazCom Label Questions For OSHA

Hazcom label rules are confusing. Get chemical labeling answers direct from OSHA on their Hazard Communication Standard, HCS, implemented June 1st. Hear important information about pictograms, labeling bulk shipping containers, refillable containers, secondary containers and more. In this podcast, we bring you highlights about HazCom labeling from a webcast presented by the SCHC OSHA Alliance

Car Wash Chemical Can Kill

A car wash chemical can burn skin and even be fatal. A new hazard alert warns of handling hydrofluoric acid used to wash cars and trucks in your fleet. Washington state’s Department of Labor and Industries issued a warning in August about potential burns, nerve damage and paralysis caused by HF acid. The CDC, the

Construction Workers Wheezing From COPD

COPD means lung problems, and not just for smokers. Construction workers breathing vapors, gases, dusts and fumes are at risk. Dr. John Dement has the fix. Dr. Dement, of Duke University, teamed with The Center For Construction Research And Training (CPWR) for a study on nearly 20,000 construction workers. Results reveal an 18 percent jump

Pesticide Safety Is No Joke

Pesticide safety needs an uptick! Thousands of people are poisoned every year and many don’t know the cause. Listen to increase your pesticide safety. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains ways for workers—those applying pesticides—to keep themselves safe from the chemicals. Tips include droplet size, nozzle adjustment, PPE and more. Also critical to pesticide safety

Fatality Database Could Save Lives

A new fatality database can help workers avoid death dangers and help managers predict which jobs generate risk. Hear how most accidents are preventable. The National Council For Occupational Safety And Health created the database. It is compiled by volunteers dedicated to workplace safety. In this podcast, Dan Clark details the 2015 fatality database and

Wildfire Smoke Health Effects

Wildfire smoke is a creeping health hazard in the western US. Hear how to breathe safely as the smoke moves from burning forests to populated areas. The forest fire season is upon us. The winds fanning the flames also carry the resulting blanket of smoke across entire states and regions. Listen for tips on how

Fall Protection – Wood Frame Tie-Offs OK

Fall protection with personal fall arrest systems in residential construction is no longer a controversy. A new study says a PFAS anchored to wood is safe. Many construction companies have said that personal fall arrest systems aren’t feasible in residential work. New research proves them wrong. Safe tie-offs are possible with wood frame construction. Hear

Traffic Deaths Spike For 2 Big Reasons

Traffic deaths have jumped by 14 percent from the same period in 2014. Injuries are up even more. We dig into the National Safety Council’s data on the causes. During the first six months of 2015, road fatalities have really increased in the US. Injuries skyrocketed by 30 percent in the same period. In this

Safety Glasses With Drowsiness Detection

Safety glasses that can track eye blinks and tell you when you’re tired? Hear about three smartglasses that keep drivers and heavy equipment operators safe. This wearable technology has the capability of stopping workers from nodding off at critical times during the work day. In this podcast, Dan Clark looks at safety glasses with sensors

Eyewashes Cause Eye Infections?

Eyewashes can injure the eyes if the water is allowed to stagnate. OSHA issued a reminder about flushing and cleaning eyewash stations. Listen for details. It seems crazy that eyewashes could HURT the eyes. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how it can happen with systems that are not maintained. Hear about flushing self-contained units

Earthquake Kit Sales Skyrocket

Earthquake kit sales are up after a published earthquake warning. Employers can plan ahead with kits and employee drills in case disaster strikes at work. An article in The New Yorker about an earthquake risk off the coast of Washington and Oregon has motivated many to buy an earthquake kit. However, no matter the location,

Wind Energy Safety

Wind energy safety is a careful blend of fall protection, electrical hazard awareness and much more. Hear the best practices for working on wind turbines. Working 30 stories up can a challenge for a worker. Add in unpredictable weather, high voltages, fire hazards, and confined space. This dangerous combination is business-as-usual at a wind farm.

Emergency Fire Shelters From NASA

Fire shelters for firefighters may soon withstand more heat, thanks to NASA. Testing is on now for fire shelters made with spaceship heat shield technology. Hear how two NASA engineers approached the US Forest Service about their research on protecting stuff reentering the atmosphere! Winds can shift. Forest fires and wildfires can turn on a

Truck Underride Protection Coming?

Truck underride rules may be expanded by NHTSA. The agency may soon require underride guards on the backs of trucks to save lives in rear-end collisions. Semi-trailers already have underride guards. Single unit trucks, such as dump trucks, are not required to have them. Adding the guards would stop a passenger vehicle’s roof from being

9 Ways To Prevent Work-Related Asthma

Work-related asthma can be stopped dead in its tracks if employers and employees work together. Hear nine ways to prevent this occupational lung disease. Work-related asthma causes difficult breathing. It can happen in any work environment, indoors out out. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how company owners and workers should be proactive in preventing

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