The Safety Brief

The Safety Brief is a compilation of short podcasts produced by Creative Safety Supply and Dan Clark, our resident all-around safety guru. In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.


Forklift Blind Spots Are Unforgiving


Forklift blind spots are everywhere. Forward, back, left and right. Hear how to avoid collisions and injuries when hauling large loads or driving backward. Sometimes powered industrial trucks, a.k.a. forklifts, have more blind spots than areas of clear vision. A full load can completely block the forward view. Parts of the forklift itself are culprits in obscuring the operator’s view. In this podcast Dan Clark lists best practices for drivers and pedestrians around forklifts, including …

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4 Hazards of Storm Cleanup


Storm cleanup done by company employees can cause them injury. Listen for tips on how to protect workers from the four major dangers of storm cleanup. Slips, trips and falls, water hazards, electrical hazards, and debris hazards all need to be avoided if a company chooses to do its own cleanup after a storm. Dan Clark details each of the hazards and how employees can prepare for them. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) …

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5 Reasons For PPE Vending Machines


PPE vending machines in the workplace can increase safety and lower cost. Hear about the many types of machines and the five arguments for installing one. Personal protective equipment dispensed by machine can be a big benefit for workers. They have quicker access to the safety gear and don’t have to interrupt a manager, increasing efficiency. A PPE vending machine also better manages inventory. See links to suppliers in the transcript below. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro …

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First Aid Requirements for Workplaces


First aid kits in the workplace are mandated by OSHA. Hear about the minimum standard changes in 2015 and if a trained person is necessary. If a company’s work location is far from emergency services, OSHA requires that a person be qualified. For the workplace, OSHA refers to ANSI’s standard. Hear about the two types of kits in ANSI’s standard, Class A and Class B, and which is right for your company. ANSI revised its …

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OSHA 300A Form Posting Deadline


OSHA 300A is a safety form most employers need to display in the workplace by February 1 annually. Hear how to fill out the form and who is exempt. An OSHA 300A form is an employer’s report to employees on recordable injuries for the previous year. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains what counts as a recordable injury. Some businesses are exempt from posting the form. In 2015, classification of many businesses changed, requiring them …

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Temporary Wiring Is OK In Only 4 Situations


Temporary wiring (like an extension cord) gets the thumbs-up from OSHA in just four settings. In only a couple of minutes, Dan Clark lays out the details. In this podcast, hear about OSHA’s temp wiring standard in workplace remodeling, experimentation, holiday lighting and emergencies. We also list considerations when selecting and using extension cords and other flexible wiring. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: Sometimes you have to use temporary wiring such …

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Arc Blast Hierarchy Of Controls


Arc blast dangers can be minimized with a Hierarchy Of Controls. Hear the difference between arc flash and arc blast, plus the five methods to prevent them. The surface of the sun is cooler than an arc blast. This explosive electrical hazard can easily kill and injure. In this podcast we present the Hierarchy Of Controls to prevent arc blast: Elimination/Substitution; Engineering Controls; Administrative Controls; Work Practice Controls Personal Protective Equipment. The hearing protection requirement …

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5 Tips For Snow Safety At Work


Snow safety avoids on-the-job cold stress and slips, trips and falls. Plan ahead for the next flurry with the right PPE, equipment and vehicles. A snowfall adds additional hazards for outdoor workers. In this podcast, hear about the four major cold stresses caused by exposure to winter weather. Host Dan Clark offers tips on avoiding slips, trips and falls in snow. He also has advice on workers pacing themselves in cold weather, driving for work …

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Ladder Safety At Work, Pt. 2


Ladder safety begins with both the boss and the worker. Hear tips on how they can increase safety on freestanding and self-supporting ladders. Ladder safety rules are important for companies to establish and post. They should provide properly maintained ladders made from material appropriate for the job. Workers should inspect a ladder before each use. They must know how to properly use a ladder, including leveling, placing it at the correct angle and staying centered. …

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Trench Sloping Made Easy With Mobile App


Trench sloping at a safe angle prevents cave-ins and saves lives. Trench Right is the free mobile app designed to calculate safe slopes in all soil types. Trench collapses needlessly kill workers every year. In this podcast, Dan Clark describes the new tool to avoid collapses. Simply input excavation dimensions, soil type and penetrometer readings into Trench Right. It quickly reveals the safe angle for trench sloping. See the transcript for links to the iOS …

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