The Safety Brief

The Safety Brief is a compilation of short podcasts produced by Creative Safety Supply and Dan Clark, our resident all-around safety guru. In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.

5 Safety Goals For The New Year

Safety goals in the workplace can be implemented or refined at year’s end to ensure a safe start to the new year. Hear about five targets of safety growth. Dan Clark says reviewing the current year and looking ahead to expected regulations are a couple ways to reach your safety goals. Communication, eliminating distractions and

OSHA Inspection At Santa’s Workshop

OSHA Inspection At Santa’s Workshop is a song. It’s a gift to listeners of The Safety Brief podcast and a tip of the hat to OSHA employees. Merry Christmas! Our podcast crew concocted this original piece and you’re welcome to share it with anyone. It’s available free on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Facebook and our

Arc Flash and Winter Underwear

Arc flash can melt synthetic underwear right to your skin. Wear arc-rated base layers, socks and briefs beneath an arc-rated jacket. An arc-rated coat may seem like an all-protective shield, but don’t be fooled. Thermal hazards are just waiting to overheat your non-arc-rated undergarments! What about spandex waistbands? In this podcast, Dan Clark reviews the

6 Steps To Head Off Forklift Overturns

Forklift overturns are the leading cause of forklift deaths in the U.S. Hear about six simple ways to dodge overturns by respecting location and equipment. A forklift is a short, squatty vehicle that gets cranky on corners. In this podcast, Dan Clark explains how to keep a forklift upright in rough terrain, slopes and more.

Respirator Fit Tests And Medical Evaluations

Respirator fit tests are required by OSHA. But the employer must also do a medical evaluation of an employee before they wear a respirator on the job. A worker does not need to see a doctor, but he or she must answer an extensive list of questions which is then reviewed by a medical professional.

10 Most Hazardous Jobs In The US

Hazardous jobs ranked by the U.S. government are listed in this podcast. Hear if your career placed in the top 10 for 2014, the most recently tabulated year. Commercial fishing, logging, farming and driving – any kind of vehicle work use – are hazardous jobs. Dan Clark reveals the list in this episode of The

Turkey Fryer Flames At Work

Turkey fryer disasters can happen in the workplace, not just at home. Hear how a pre-Thanksgiving jobsite cookout torched a house under construction. In this podcast, Dan Clark talks with Tim Schmerber, concrete contractor from Oregon, about a fire started by a turkey fryer. One of the crew members set up the turkey fryer in

I2P2 – Injury Illness Prevention Programs

I2P2 is shorthand for Injury and Illness Prevention Programs. Even though OSHA doesn’t have a standard, they’re still a good idea. Dan Clark explains how to start an I2P2, including mandatory management and worker involvement. Look in the transcript for links to OSHA programs such as VPP and SHARP. State programs are also linked. TRANSCRIPT:

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls. Who would think they cause 15 percent of on-the-job deaths? Hear about prevention and OSHA’s proposed new walking-working surfaces rule. Good footwear, guardrails and housekeeping are just a few of the tips Dan Clark offers to avoid workers’ slips, trips and falls. Also featured are quotes from OSHA head Dr. David

4 Steps To Prevent Scaffolding Collapse

Scaffolding collapse can be dangerous and expensive. Avoid it with trained personnel and proper equipment. Hear the four elements of constructing scaffolds. Do you need a Competent Person, a Qualified Person or an Engineer? Dan Clark explains the difference between the three. Scaffold construction and inspection are also covered in this podcast, as well as

7 Hazards Of Oil And Gas Extraction

Oil and gas extraction can knock a worker on his butt. Or much worse. Hear about the on and off-site hazards of this high-risk job and how to avoid them. Vehicle, struck-by and fall accidents are some of the seven hazards facing oil and gas extraction workers. In this podcast, Dan Clark shares the dangers

Drones In Construction? 6 Tips To Consider

Drones in construction can save time surveying and inspecting sites. But contractors should think about drone costs, FAA registration, insurance and more. Hear about six big things to consider before you put down good money for a drone. The biggest issue is the FAA permit, as they are backlogged with applications. Other than the initial

Whole-Body Vibration Hazards

Whole-body vibration is dangerous for workers, but OSHA has no standard on vibration limitation. Hear what safety managers can do to reduce worker risk. An employee sitting, standing or reclining on a vibrating machine or vehicle is susceptible to WBV, whole-body vibration. It can affect vision, the bones, joints and the gut. In this podcast,

Pervious Concrete Gulps Stormwater

Pervious concrete is a porous pavement that can quickly drain stormwater, saving lives and property from flash floods. Hear about the latest improvements. For over 30 years, pervious concrete has been made with just aggregate and cement, no sand. The void spaces allow stormwater to flow through a slab into the soil, replenishing ground water.

6 Ways To Prevent Workplace Amputations

Workplace amputations are in the spotlight at OSHA. They’ve updated their National Emphasis Program on amputations. Hear about best practices to avoid them. Some industries have over double the number of amputations compared to industry norms. In this podcast, Dan Clark shares six tips to keep workers protected from losing a finger, leg or arm.

Power Line Safety At Work Sites

Power line safety must be checked and double checked when working with lines overhead or underground. Observe the 10 foot Circle Of Safety at any work site. Dan Clark describes the hazards of equipment or vehicles making contact with power lines. Learn about the Circle Of Safety, step potential and touch potential. Dan also gives

Do You Love Or Hate This Podcast?

Podcast: Hot or not? Please give your opinion of The Safety Brief podcast series. We have more than 160 episodes. We want to know if they are helping you. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks you to grade the content of this twice-weekly audio resource. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: Do

Confined Spaces with Hazardous Atmospheres

Confined spaces need a portable gas monitor if there is a chance of low oxygen, high carbon monoxide or other hazardous atmospheres. Hear about a bump test. A confined space with a hazard, or potential hazard, is called a permit-required confined space. One of those hazards is a hazardous atmosphere. In this podcast, Dan Clark

Recycling Workers And Safety

Recycling workers have over twice the injury rate of all industry. How and what we recycle can make their job safer. Hear how you can help at work and home. Employees at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) face conveyor belts full of sharps, biohazards, chemicals and more. In this podcast, Dan Clark synopsizes the report

Anti-Vibration Gloves A Gimmick?

Anti-vibration gloves don’t do much to protect hands and arms from tool and machine shaking. Hear about the initial studies and NIOSH’s recommendations. NIOSH, The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health, says those purported anti-vibration gloves do a poor job of isolating vibrations from sanders, grinders, pavement tampers and other equipment. In this podcast,

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