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The Safety Brief In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews
and insights into how contractors and safety managers
can be even more effective in protecting their workers.
In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.

OSHA Compliant Safety Labels – Pt. 2

Choosing the right safety label maker for your facility’s safety program is an important job. Many safety managers are given the hard task of updating their facility but are given a very limited, if any, budget to do it with.

Because every penny counts and more importantly the investments need to last a long time and keep on providing a high quality service at an ongoing low price, the purchase decision for a good thermal label printer is crucial.

Follow along as Dan Clark continues to cover the various aspects of finding the perfect printing solution for OSHA compliant safety labels.


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Dan Clark:  Hi, I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, where we talk about health and safety hazards in today’s demanding industrial and construction worksites.

In our last podcast we heard the story of Antonio Ferraro, a safety manager who used an industrial label maker to save his bacon. To get his workplace shipshape for an OSHA inspection. So, let’s find out how Antonio’s OSHA inspection went.

Antonio was nervous on inspection day especially, when the OSHA inspector told him that an anonymous employee had blown the whistle. The worker claimed multiple safety violations and that prompted this inspection. Well, Antonio wasn’t surprised because of the state of the site when he started there just a few weeks earlier.

Well, the inspector took his time going through the place, taking many notes. All the time, Antonio’s stomach was in knots. Especially when the inspector, at the end, said the results would not be available for a few weeks.

Well, after some sleepless nights, the results finally arrived and Antonio’s boss sat down to review them with him. Now, if you don’t know, an OSHA inspection report can be pretty long, so his boss said “Skip ahead, skip to the end. Did we pass or fail and are there any fines?”

Well, they passed the inspection with no fines and Antonio was especially happy about the part of the report on safety signs and labeling. They got the highest possible rating. Antonio’s boss was pumped about the results, and Antonio himself was very happy for the pat on the back—and not the potential boot out the door.

That professional label maker was worth its weight in gold. And there was an unexpected benefit. Many other departments at the company made labels for non-safety issues for tools and materials if you’ve ever implemented 5S or Visuality, you need to label things. And they added signs everywhere so workers didn’t have to ask questions that slowed down work in process.

So for Antonio, the label maker was an effective, affordable solution to many problems. In fact, it was something they needed but they didn’t realize they needed.

Almost any professional label printer will help your organization. Of course, we’d like you to consider the printer Antonio used, the LabelTac ® 4 Pro, from our sponsor Creative Safety Supply. But go get yourself a professional label printer.

Well, that’s all for now. Join us again for more tips and techniques on how to stay safety compliant in today’s ever-changing landscape of safety requirements. I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief sponsored by Creative Safety Supply. See the website at

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OSHA lays out the details on new GHS labeling and pictogram standards.

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