Free Safety Guides

5S Guide
Our 5S Guide will help you get started with your program, which will lead to reduced costs, increased sales, and make your company more agile.
Arc Flash Labeling Guide
Our Arc Flash labeling guide explains NFPA 70E standards, using a sample label to explain the parts of the label, meanings and requirements.
Industrial Pipe Marking Guide
Our Industrial Pipe Marking Guide provides guidelines as well as a reference chart for color, size and placement of pipe marking labels.
GHS Guide
Our FREE GHS Labeling Guide provides a visual resource for each part of the new GHS Label and picotgrams, along with their meaning.
Kanban Guide
Learn the basics of Kanban with our Kanban guide. Kanban is generally integrated with Kaizen and 5S to create an efficient, safe and lean work environment.
NFPA Guide
This guide to NFPA 704 labeling will tell you, at a glance, what the parts of the NFPA fire diamond mean.
Spill Kit Guide
Our Spill Kit Safety Guide provides helpful sample procedures as well as information on choosing the appropriate spill kit.
Floor Marking Guide
Keep pedestrian, truck or forklift traffic on the right track with appropriate floor markings in this Floor Marking Guide.
Lockout-Tagout Guide
LO/TO is being adopted industry-wide and on a global scale as a best practice for increasing facility safety. This Lockout-Tagout Guide provides 5 steps to LO/TO, and OSHA, compliance.
Marine Offshore Pipe Marking Guide
Our Marine & Offshore Pipe Marking Guide defines label placement as well as a color guide to indicate specific substances.
PPE Guide
Our PPE Guide provides tips for creating an effective PPE Program using signage, and is a reference guide to PPE symbols and meanings.
FREE Forklift Safety Guide
Forklift accidents happen. Each year, nearly 100 people are killed and another 20,000 are injured in forklift accidents.
Free Kaizen Guide
This free Kaizen Guide contains real world examples of sucessful Kaizen implementation and an explanation of several important terms and processes.
Creative Safety Supply Catalog
We carry a variety of industrial safety supplies and are happy to send you a free Creative Safety Supply Catalog of our products.