Forklift Safety Tips


Forklift safety starts when the driver understands a forklift is not a car. Many of the basic safety rules apply, such as driving on the right and watching for pedestrians to avoid struck-by accidents. Avoiding distractions such as cell phones and texting is important too. Forklifts differ from highway vehicles in many ways. Their rear wheels do the steering. To balance loads, their center of gravity is different. And they can’t stop fast because they …

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Stacking and Storing for Warehouse Safety


Stacking and storing materials on pallets or shelves must be done with a solid plan for warehouse safety. If not, workers could be crushed and pinned or otherwise injured. Collapsing loads can be avoided by observing the weight and height limits for stacks. Heavier items should be stacked low. Layer materials on pallets based on shape. Layer styles include block, brick, pinwheel, irregular shapes, tapered, and cylindrical. This podcast details these layers. Avoid stacking against …

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