Snow Shoveling Heart Attacks – Update


Snow shoveling heart attacks have caused 14 deaths this month, February, 2015, in Chicago alone. Hear why, and how to avoid them. We reported this danger at the start of winter, but it’s worth repeating. Snow shoveling is very hard on the heart. Clearing sidewalks and driveways can raise the pulse above recommended limits after only a few minutes of shoveling. The rate is so high, it’s beyond the safe range of healthy people, let …

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Snow Shoveling Heart Attacks


Snow shoveling heart attacks happen in young and old, fat and skinny. Hear why this sudden cardiac arrest occurs, and how to avoid it. Snow shoveling causes a rapid increase in heart rate, beyond the safe range of healthy people, let alone the average couch potato. Coupled with constricted blood vessels due to cold weather, it’s a recipe for a heart attack. Find out about “heart attack snow.” In this podcast, Dan Clark also describes …

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