Silica Dust Hazards With Countertops


Silica Dust Hazard Alert out from OSHA and NIOSH about stone countertops. Hear about the new warning for fabrication shops or in-home work. OSHA and NIOSH jointly released a Hazard Alert on Silica Dust Exposure on February 18th, 2015. This notice is to warn workers of silica exposure when manufacturing and installing countertops. In this podcast, Dan Clark notes how over 65 workers in Spain and Israel recently contracted silicosis, with 10 needing lung transplants. …

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Silica Dust Dangers


Silica dust is common in worksites, can scar the lungs and cause cancer. Symptoms sometimes don’t appear for 10 years. The source of silica dust is the element silicon, which is common in quartz and other rocks. The rocks themselves aren’t a danger, but when crunched into dust, scarred lungs and cancer can result from silicosis. Workers sandblasting, tunneling, or using concrete or mortar are at risk. Silicosis may take up to 10 years to …

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