3 Simple Tips For Safety Managers


3 min read Safety managers, ATTENTION! Check hazards, provide safety training, and ensure proper use of PPE. Safety managers will best succeed by planning ahead for dangers such as fire, chemicals, slips and falls, and other sources of potential on-site injury. Proper safety instruction for workers and managers is critical. When hazards are identified, all people on-site should be aware of them, and trained on how to work safely around them. Employees and management should use the proper …

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Safety Recognition Programs


3 min read Safety recognition programs for employees, implemented correctly, can be successful in reducing injuries and saving money. But, if executed poorly, can do more harm than good. Employees may try to rig the system to get a reward for better safety reports. Some workers will work slower to increase safety. Also, if managers and owners are not behind a safety program, it has little chance of success. To avoid the potential failures, properly plan a recognition …

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