5 Safety Data Sheet Questions For OSHA


Safety data sheet compliance is hard when suppliers don’t update. Hear OSHA experts answer five important questions on SDSs required in Hazard Communication. The SCHC OSHA Alliance hosted OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs in a webcast to explain what importers and manufacturers need to do in developing a compliant safety data sheet. In this podcast, we focus on safety data sheets discussed in that webcast. SCHC is The …

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Safety Data Sheets


Safety Data Sheets must be kept current. Every company with employees exposed to hazardous chemicals is required to keep an SDS on each chemical, says OSHA. OSHA’s new Hazard Communication Standard requires employers to follow new guidelines modeled after GHS, the Globally Harmonized System. In this podcast, Dan Clark tells of OSHA’s ongoing standard changeover, and the recent June 1st, 2015 deadline requirements. Safety Data Sheets must be easily accessible for all workers using hazardous …

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