OSHA Inspection At Santa’s Workshop

OSHA Inspection At Santa’s Workshop is a song. It’s a gift to listeners of The Safety Brief podcast and a tip of the hat to OSHA employees. Merry Christmas! Our podcast crew concocted this original piece and you’re welcome to share it with anyone. It’s available free on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Facebook and our

OSHA Inspection Jitters?

An OSHA inspection can happen without notice, but with preparation, facilities can be ready for scrutiny. Prepare the employees so they are used to working while being observed. The safety planning team should know who will meet with the inspector, and have access to site accident history, and safety procedures. Prepare the facility by complying

Safety Housekeeping

This is the story of tragedy that could have been avoided with better safety housekeeping. Here, we detail a fatal accident at a sugar refinery in Wyoming, and review of the OSHA citations. A Gemba walk by managers, or a safety inspection by employees, could have identified the easily-resolved problems. Safety housekeeping is absolutely essential.