Flame-Resistant Clothing Breakthroughs

FR wear finally has an improvement. Now you can buy lightweight, comfortable, breathable garments made from a new polyester. Flame-resistant clothing has a well-earned reputation for being heavy, hot and uncomfortable. So much so, workers sometimes don’t wear it. In this podcast, we tell about modern polyester flame-resistant technology from Bulwark FR and Millikan. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro

Cooling Shirts – PPE For The Heat

Cooling shirts are a water cooled PPE for working in heat. They are used by industrial workers, athletes and medical professionals for comfort and to avoid heat illness. The shirts have a system of narrow tubes which circulate cool water through an ice pack. There are mobile and stationary types, offered by many manufacturers. Listen

Heat Illness At Work

Heat illness will zap you, no matter what the heat source. Indoors, it could be from a furnace. Outdoors, it will probably be from that bigger furnace, the sun. Workers who have not worked in heat before need to acclimatize. Start slowly and don’t overdo it. Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat cramps and

Safe Welding

A fireproof workplace and personal protective equipment are critical for safe welding. Welding is a hot work process due a gas flame, an electric arc, a laser or other dangerous heat source. Employees must be properly protected from the high heat and arc flash produced in the welding process. 
Follow rules in ANSI Z49, the

Summer Workplace Hazards

Summer brings a new set of workplace hazards. Workers will be affected by heat and humidity, in and out of the sun. Plan ahead in the spring for hot weather supplies and facility adaptation. Ventilation and liquids are important to keep employees cool and hydrated. Beware of insects and animals, which are both very active