Tape Measure Falls 50 Stories, Kills Man


Not wearing a hard hat can kill. A tape measure fell 50 stories. A man, whose hard hat was in his truck, died. This avoidable death happened Monday, November 3rd in New Jersey. We give the painful details, and urge workers to wear their PPE in this podcast. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:01) Dan Clark: A tape measure falls 50 stories, and kills a man. This sad story happened in New Jersey. Hello …

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Hard Hat Selection And Care


Hard hat selection and care is critical to safety. It’s your brain. Keep it in a good bucket. Hear about the Types and Classes of safety helmets and hard hats in this podcast. Dan Clark describes Type I and Type II, and how they are designed for impacts from the top and side. Also hear about varying degrees of electrical shock protection in the three Classes of safety helmets. Dan also lists maintenance DOs and …

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