Powered Industrial Truck Labels


Powered industrial trucks, also known as forklifts, need clear labeling to keep operators and pedestrians safe. This podcasts details the three main types of labels, CAUTION, WARNING and DANGER. We also discuss the factory-supplied nameplate, and what’s on it. Good labeling increases visuality for the operator. They will be more aware of the truck’s limits and how to operate it safely. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: What is a Powered Industrial …

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Warehouse Traffic Safety Management


Warehouse traffic can be a safety battle. A battle of people vs. machines. Too often, the machines win. Struck-by accidents in 2012 alone claimed the lives of 199 people on the job. With better planning, those lives could have been saved. Listen to this podcast for ways to increase warehouse traffic safety. Here we detail warehouse physical and visual barriers, plus rules for drivers and pedestrians. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music and effects (:04) Dan Clark: …

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