Eye Protection – Summer Outdoor Workers


Eye protection should ramp up in summer, when outdoor workers are exposed to more hazards. Hear how cheap sunglasses may actually be ok. In this podcast, Dan Clark says that UVA and UVB protected eyewear does not have to cost a lot. But beware, lens color is not an indicator of protection. Also, Dan tells how to guard against dust, chemicals and other things flying through the outdoor air during summer. TRANSCRIPT: (:00) intro music …

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Eye Protection At Work


Eye protection at work could eliminate 90% of eye injuries. Listen to hear how easy it is to protect your eyes on the job. Flying or falling objects account for the lion’s share of eye injuries in the workplace. The sources are as varied as job descriptions—dust, chemical vapors, liquid chemicals, molten metals, and intense light are examples. In this podcast, Dan Clark tells of four grades of eye protection: safety glasses, safety goggles, face …

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