Cleaning Chemicals And Safety


Cleaning chemicals can be as dangerous as other workplace chemicals. Be aware of potential health hazards, even with “green” products with less odor. In this podcast, we talk about less toxic fumes of green chemicals used for cleaning, and their harsh predecessors. Also, we discuss how both categories can still be dangerous to the skin. There are three types: cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants. Each is stronger than the previous. Avoid strong ones for good industrial …

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Chemical Safety


Chemical safety in the workplace requires solid cooperation between management and employees. Workers must wear the proper PPE, which will vary based on the chemicals being handled. To maintain industrial hygiene, employees must follow procedures for handling chemicals, based on the company’s HazCom, the Hazard Communication Plan. All workers should know procedures in case of a chemical spill. Chemicals require labeling according to GHS universal safety standards, and understood by non-english speakers. Safety Data Sheets …

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