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The Safety Brief In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews
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In our podcasts we give short but valuable overviews and insights into how contractors and safety managers can be even more effective in protecting their workers.

11 Tips To Survive A Vehicle Crash

Survive a work vehicle crash with 11 tips. If you drive a company truck, car, or van listen for ways to avoid an accident, and what to do if you’re in one.

Did you know many vehicle engines shut down when airbags deploy? Knowing how to reset the system is important if you need to move a vehicle after an accident.

In this podcast, Dan Clark discusses important safety tips for driving or riding in any company vehicle.


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Dan Clark: You drive a company truck, car or van. Accidents happen in company vehicles. 22% of on-the-job fatalities in 2013 were on the road. What should you do to prevent accidents if you’re traveling for work? What should you do to survive if you’re in an accident? Listen for 11 tips.

Hello, I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, tackling health and safety hazards in today’s demanding industrial and construction worksites, a service of Creative Safety Supply.

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Let’s get right to it. Here are 11 Tips To Survive A Vehicle Crash.

1. USE THE SEAT BELT. Use it in all company vehicles. Use it in the Apex rental cars and taxis. Seat belts save 14,000 lives per year but still 20% of the population doesn’t use them. In all 50 states seat belt use is required.

2. OBSERVE THE SPEED LIMIT. The difference between driving the speed limit and speeding can mean the difference between surviving a crash and looking like a bug on the windshield.

3. BE RESTED. Stop about every two hours to stretch and get refreshed. Set a realistic goal for the number of miles that you can drive safely each day.

4. MAINTAIN THE VEHICLE. Or make sure the company does. Company pickups, trucks, cars and vans are notorious maintenance orphans. Make sure the one you drive is safe.

5. TIE DOWN YOUR LOAD. Outside and in. Don’t leave objects strewn around the cab of the vehicle. They can fly and hit you during a crash. If you must travel with cargo, strap it down.

6. HANDS ON THE WHEEL. Driver’s Ed used to teach holding your hands on the wheel at “10 and 2,” back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Now, if the airbag goes off, hands and arms fly off and hit you in the face. Keep your hands at “9 and 3.”

7. KNOW YOUR AIRBAGS. Many cars and trucks automatically shut down when airbags deploy. Know the vehicle’s procedure for restarting in case you have to move it out of traffic. Simply disconnecting battery cables and reconnecting them maybe enough to reset the system.

8. DON’T USE MOBILE DEVICES. Turn them off before you drive and stash them out of reach. If you’re a passenger and your coworker driver starts to use a cell phone, say something. Tell them you’ll make the call or text so you’re both safe.

9. HAVE AN ESCAPE TOOL. This tool can cut seat belts and break open windows. Keep this combination sharp blade and hammer in a glove box near the driver.

10. HAVE AN EMERGENCY KIT. Chances of surviving a crash increase with a fire extinguisher and stocked first aid kit. Make sure the extinguisher is bolted down or it can become a dangerous flying object.

11. BE A SWIMMER. Your company vehicle just landed in water. Take off the seatbelt, take a deep breath, roll down one window, climb out and swim to the surface. Electric windows still work for a while, even underwater. If windows don’t open, try the door. The door may be too hard to open at first because of water pressure. Stay calm, wait for the water to rise until the pressure is equalized and then get out.

That’s all for this episode, 11 Tips To Survive A Vehicle Crash. Come back for more ways to stay safety compliant in today’s ever-changing landscape of safety requirements. I’m Dan Clark of The Safety Brief, a service of Creative Safety Supply. Save 10% off your entire order at with coupon code BIG10.

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